Barbara Kilduff and Brian Moll perform songs of Fernando Obradors

Though it’s now 2017, we are still processing a wealth of audio files from 2016 programs. There were many strong performances last year, and we will share some of these over the next few months. From our “Tears of Gold” concert, here are two selections from Fernando Obradors collection of “Classical Spanish Songs.” The performers are soprano Barbara Kilduff and pianist Brian Moll. (Spanish texts and English translations are provided below.)

Dame, Amor, besos sin cuento
Asido de mis cabellos
Y mil y ciento tras ellos
Y tras ellos mil y ciento
Y después…
De muchos millares, tres!
Y porque nadie lo sienta
Desbaratemos la cuenta
Y… contemos al revés.

Give me, Love, kisses without number,
as the number of hairs on my head,
and give me a thousand and a hundred after that,
and a hundred and a thousand after that…
and after those…
many thousands… give me three more!
And so that no one feels bad…
Let us tear up the tally
and begin counting backwards!

¿Corazón, porqué pasáis
Las noches de amor despierto
Si vuestro dueño descansa
En los brazos de otro dueño?

My heart, why do lie awake
during nights of love,
if your master rests
in the arms of another lover?

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