The recordings here are exclusively from live performances, using uncut, single-take material only.

VIDEO Our video archive on YouTube is growing. There are playlists with several videos from recent Britten in Song, World AIDS Day, American Pilgrimage, and Songs for the Nativity programs.  Click here to go to our YouTube channel.

AUDIO Our audio archive is on SoundCloud. You do not need a SoundCloud membership to access and stream our recordings. (SoundCloud may suggest to you that you to sign up, but you do not need to.) There are some thirty selections from Spacious Vision performances by singers Barbara Kilduff, Pamela Dellal, Gerald Seminatore, John Seesholtz, and Ariel Pisturino, and pianists Libor Dudas, Brian Moll, and Christopher Reed. Click here to go to the SoundCloud archive.

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