The Project


Rather than creating a traditional website, the coordinator of the SPACIOUS VISION Song Project will post occasional entries and updates on this weblog. Visitors may easily access information about upcoming and past concerts, as well as photos and media.

SPACIOUS VISION Song Project is a bi-coastal collective of classically oriented singers and pianists. We aspire to collaboratively prepare and perform art song and vocal chamber music in a variety of venues in both Southern California and New England. You may read more about us on the “Core Group” posting on the blog Home page.

Our programming will include works by a variety of composers, but a constant for all of our programs in 2012-13 will be vocal works by English composer Benjamin Britten (1913-76), in honor of the centennial year of his birth.

Click on the “Spacious Vision Song Project” tab underneath the blog header for contact information.


“Knows your soul a sphere,
O journeying boy,
Our rude realms far above,
Whence with spacious vision you mark and mete
This region of sin that you find you in,
But are not of?”

From: Thomas Hardy, “Midnight on the Great Western”
Set in Benjamin Britten’s song cycle Winter Words

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