Inaugural Concert

Sunday, July 29, 7:30 PM  
Pickman Concert Hall
27 Garden Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts   (Tickets not required)

Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano
Gerald Seminatore, tenor
Brian Moll, piano

Purcell Realizations  (Dellal, Seminatore)
A Charm of Lullabies 
Winter Words
Canticle Two “Abraham and Isaac”  (Dellal, Seminatore)

This program presented concert arrangements of songs by Henry Purcell, magical spells, and musical setttings of poems by Thomas Hardy. The spectacular, quasi-operatic Canticle “Abraham and Isaac” is Britten’s musical setting of a Chester Mystery Play from the 14th century.

(We are pleased to say that Pickman Hall was nearly full, the applause was enthusiastic, and the Britten Canticle was successfully performed from memory!)

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