New Year Concert Postscript

The 2013 New Year concert in the Bowdoin College Chapel was well-attended and concluded with a standing ovation by an enthusiastic audience. This was wonderful for all concerned, especially as we had a bit of excitement in the days leading up to the concert. Brian Moll had injured his shoulder earlier in the week and was unable to play! Luckily, the fine pianist Libor Dudas was available and agreed to stand in for Brian with only one rehearsal. And he played beautifully!


Click here to see the printed New Year 2013 Concert Program. We have already had several requests to repeat it when the holidays roll around once more!

The next program for the Southern California contingent is in the planning stages, and more information will be shared here as details are finalized. And some audio files from past programs will be published in the near future. Thanks for visiting!

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