Happy Holidays to our Visitors


Our special Christmas holiday program “Carols Rare and Bright” was enthusiastically received by our audiences in both Long Beach and Pasadena. Here we are warming up for the concert! From left to right: Susan Kane, Ariel Pisturino, Gerald Seminatore, Bernardo Bermudez, and Anthony Moreno. Maestro Kristof Van Grypserre is behind us at the piano.

We also want to thank Spacious Vision artists who appeared with us earlier this year: Arnold Geis, Katie Martin, and Mark Salters.

We will have some audio and video files to share from the concert, and will share that information here as soon as available. Best wishes to all for a Happy Hanuakkah, a Merry Christmas, and any version of the holiday you celebrate. May 2015 be a very happy and musically rich year for all of us!

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