“Songs for the Nativity” was a critic’s pick in both the Glendale News Press and La Crescenta Weekly. That helped get lots of folks through the door of St. Mark’s Church on Dec. 20. During the program there was much applause, many smiles, and even a few tears. Soaring voices, soulful guitar, and the keyboard artistry of Ron Barnett merged into a unique and heartfelt musical experience.

The audience reviews were also enthusiastic!

  • “How wonderful to hear some unfamiliar songs sung so beautifully.”
  • “I really enjoyed all of the singers, and the guitar as well.”
  • “I have never heard singing like this before at a concert. I am so glad to have had this experience.”
  • “You didn’t only sing, you told us stories, which I really appreciated.”
  • “Please come back again next year. I will make sure to bring more people with me!”
  • “This kind of live singing certainly means more to me than listening to Christmas songs on my iPhone.” 

Judging by these comments, “Songs for the Nativity” connected with the audience on a number of levels. That is the aspiration of every Spacious Vision performance.

For our friends further afield, audio and video excerpts will be available online at a later date. You may also click here to read the Songs for the Nativity Printed Concert program.

Our next program is scheduled for March 13, 2016. More information will be posted soon.

Happy Holidays to all our visitors!

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