SAKURA SONGS was a great success!


Following “Sakura Songs” on March 13 at Centenary United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, the artists posed for a group photo. (L-R) David Lee Ruest, violinist / Taro Wayama, guitarist / Gerald Seminatore, tenor / Marisa De Silva, soprano / Izumi Kashiwagi, pianist. We had an appreciative and enthusiastic audience, and this program was an auspicious beginning for Izumi’s new concert series at the church.


SCHUBERT “An die Musik” and “Mein!”
RODRIGO “Coplas del pastor enamorado,” “Adela,” and “En Jerez de la frontera”
(Taro and Gerald)

PIAZZOLLA “Bordel-1900” from Histoire du Tango
TRAD. “Danny Boy”
(Taro and David)

TAKI “Kojo no Tsuki” (荒城の月)
HIRAI “Nara-yama” (平城山)
NAKADA “Sakura Yokocho” (さくら横ちょう)
(Izumi and Gerald)

Blue smoke is flowing in Lento (煙の青い lento もながれ)
I. Spring
II. Village Girl
III. Summer
IV. Dispirited Autumn
V. January on the Iwate Light Railway
(Izumi and Marisa; this was a joint commission from the composer)

BURLEIGH “Deep River”
KOHN “On the Other Shore”
COPLAND “Zion’s Walls”
(Izumi and Gerald)

WEBBER “Pie Jesu”
(Izumi, Marisa, Gerald)

Details about the next Spacious Vision program will be announced in early April.


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