12 Days of Photos — Christmas 2022

Each February I publish a gallery of my favorite personal photos from the prior year. The photos are ones I’ve gone back to look at several times over the year. Most were shot when I was moving solo, so not many people are in evidence…

So here’s 2022’s 12 Days of Photos (previously shared on Facebook over Christmas).

(Please do comment if you particularly like one or more of these. It helps me know someone is looking at them.)

Day 1–Santa’s Village, Jefferson, New Hampshire


Day 2–Turquoise Highway south of Santa Fe, New Mexico


Day 3 — a Great Blue Heron at Seward Park, Seattle


Day 4–the Veterans’ Chapel at the Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico


Day 5–the historic covered bridge, Lancaster, New Hampshire


Day 6–Seattle’s Space Needle during Pride Week


Day 7–the roof of the Santa Fe Opera theater, New Mexico


Day 8–the Fall “blood moon” over China Lake, Maine


Day 9–Great Clips Aurora Avenue barbershop, Seattle


Day 10–14th century petroglyph, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico


Day 11–sunset on Bailey Island, Maine


Day 12–view of Mount Rainier from Bainbridge Island, WA

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