Two Villancicos, sung by Bernardo Bermudez and Anthony Moreno

pianoFor our 2014 program “Carols Rare and Bright,” Bernardo Bermudez and Anthony Moreno sang rarely performed villancicos (Spanish language Christmas songs). These wonderful songs deserve a wider audience, and here are two selections from our salon at Elise’s in Long Beach, CA. For this concert, Kristof Van Grysperre played a restored Hamburg Steinway grand piano from 1890.

JUAN PLAZA (1898-1965, Venezuela)

“Trinan las aves” (The Birds Sing)
Sung by Bernardo Bermudez

The birds sing with great joy;
They announce that
Jesus the Messiah is coming.
The prairie prepares itself,
Putting on a gallant dress of
Colorful flowers.


JOAQUÍN RODRIGO  (1901-99, Spain)

“Colplillas de Belen” (Carols of Bethlehem)
Sung by Anthony Moreno

If the palm tree knew that
A star had fallen from heaven
To light a child sleeping
In a stable, it would offer
Its green leaves to fan
The baby in its cradle.

The Virgin prays and sings,
And the baby smiles sweetly.
How sorrowful the palm tree
Would be, if it knew what was
Yet to come.


A playlist of selections from “Carols Rare and Bright” is available at the Spacious Vision channel on the SoundCloud music service. Videos from past programs may also be viewed at the Spacious Vision YouTube channel.